Time is of the essence.

Our main goal is to help our customers achieve increased productivity, sustainability, andprofitability promptly. For this reason, we provide a subscription-based option for several of oursolutions, alongside the traditional “buy” approach (CAPEX). 


Pay out of your operational expenses

Delivered turn key with immediate payback


Classical project approach

Hardware, software and engineering

Operational Expenditure Payment

Solution Subscription

Monthly Payments based on KPIs

With our 6-year subscription model, you make monthly installments, avoiding the need forupfront equipment costs. This frees up capital, enabling investment in other critical aspects ofyour business. Our team handles technology installation, integration, and continuousmaintenance, leaving you to concentrate on your core business and operations. Thiscomprehensive subscription package ensures you can achieve positive bottom-line KPIs withoutconcerning yourself with tasks like creating a scope of work or providing detailed engineeringresources.

With flexible contract options

Select the plan that aligns with your requirements and financial considerations. Our team ofexperts is readily available to provide support and maintain the technology, allowing you toconcentrate on your business operations and reap the rewards of our solutions.

Capital Expenditure Payment

Project approach

Purchase the equipment and technology:

In this model, you have the option to buy the equipment and technology needed for oursolution, making you the owner of these assets. Consequently, you will be responsible forcovering the upfront costs associated with acquiring them.

Suitable for smaller installations:

This approach is particularly suitable for smaller installations, where you possess the resourcesand capacity to manage the maintenance and support of the technology in-house.

SLA Service Level Agreements:

For those choosing the CAPEX model, we offer SLA Service Level Agreements, providingsustainable investments and extended lifetimes for the acquired assets.