Tracking of components, tools, and personnel is essential in realizing efficient and safe factories. Connected lighting is a ubiquitous and dense infrastructure ideal for use as a costeffective and highly accurate tracking platform in industrial settings.

Industrial processes involve the use of huge number of tools, parts and equipment. To be more efficient and safer, it is essential to track those accurately in real-time. In some industries, factories will need to be shut down unwantedly if serious incidents occur. Such incidents can lead to huge losses. Tracking technologies exist, but they are too costly to deploy in scale because of high installation costs. Luminaires are mounted at positions to maximize the illuminated area. They are at the ideal spots for tracking technologies to achieve best possible performance. Once tracking systems are integrated into luminaires, overall system cost (including deployment and maintenance effort) can be significantly reduced. LumiTrack project aims to make the convergence of lighting and IoT happen. The new products target two markets, namely the lighting and the emerging track and track markets, which have grown independently. Market surveys report that the current and future CAGR of both markets exceeds 25%, while the track and trace market size in 2015 was already $1.5B despite the fact it is costly to deploy.

Product Development
During the RD-Project LumiTrack indurad has developed the iRTT-AU-ML device and the iRTT-CP-TL product.
The iRTT-AU-ML is an infrastructure device for underground environments to track people for safety. It supports vehicle and personal location detection at underground crossings. The iRTT-CP-TL uses a RTLS-Tag (Real Time Locating System) that is built inside the lamp to keep hardware deployment simple and recharging processes smart.
Further more iRTT-AU-ML can be used as signaling device that informs with a bright light and different colors the miners whether a vehicle or person is around the corner. Optionally tunnel lights can be controlled to safe energy if nobody is around.

  • Sponsor EIT (a body of the European Union)

  • Active Time 01/2018 – 12/2018

  • Coordinator indurad GmbH, Germany

  • Partners Signify; KSE Lights; indurad GmbH

This project is supported by EIT Digital. EIT Digital is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.