Over the years, we have expanded and further developed our sensors into a multi-purpose solution family that covers real-time filling height control, 2D and 3D stockpile visualizations, machine positioning with mm accuracy, speed and volume flow control for conveyor belts and much more. All of our solutions can easily be combined to fit your specific requirements in one modular solution package.

Usability in Harsh Conditions


Low Visibility




Ice, Cold


Extreme Contamination


It is widely known that radar is the best suited technology for the harsh environmental conditions in mining and other heavy industries. This was the starting point for indurad and time has proven us right: To this day, indurad has not had a single case of sensor failure caused by conditions that usually take laser, ultrasonic or other sensors out of the game.


We serve customers from the arctic circle to the hot Pilbara Iron Ore and the high altitudes of the Atacama Desert.
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We measure process parameters for operator assistance, remote control and automation in different applications.
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Full Integration

indurad offers both detailed support in third party mechanical and electrical integration and our own local services with integration partners, or our own mechanical and electric engineers.
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indurad project teams adapt to our customers’ time zone. indurad also offers 24/7/365 first and second level support.
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