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Volumetric Inventory Control (Stockpile)

For this customer north of Santiago de Chile, an inventory control solution for a large copper concentrate storage areas at the point of sale needed to be installed. The copper concentrate inventory was hitherto only monitored by costly and timeconsuming laser-based surveys for which all processes had to be stopped. indurad has installed an array of six iDRR sensors plus tripper car positioning sensors on the tripper car for a robust and real-time volumetric measurement solution. The result is permanent access to online inventory data without stopping processes, which allows for more precise agendas, advanced material control, zero downtime for inventory measurement and consequently much higher facility availability.

Conveyor Belt Load Measurement

For this customer in the north Atacama region in Chile, the task was to monitor the material throughput on twelve individual conveyor belts to provide a complete overview of material flows inside the minesite. The second goal was to reduce maintenance costs for conveyor belt monitoring technology as a pilot project for a future roll-out of indurad technology in this mine. indurad's maintenance-free alternative to belt scales has made Chile’s most traditional mine more modern and transparent and has also contributed to making its processes more sustainable and energy-saving.

Shiploader Remote Control and Process Optimization

This customer in British Columbia, Canada, sought to remove the operator from the shiploader boom to a safer and healthier environment. At the same time, the goal was to make the shiploading processes in this transition to full remote control safer and more efficient. indurad 3D radar technology was the key in this step toward automation as it provides anti-collision data for orientation from afar as well as ship filling data for the shiploading process. The result is a semi-automated shiploader with shorter loading times, fewer process interruptions due to the reduced presence of workers at the loading site and a more balanced load distribution inside the hatches.

Car Dumper Automation

For one US customer, indurad has successfully deployed a highly durable and robust level measurement solution for highly dynamic environments on a truck dump hopper. The task in this project was to measure the lignite level inside a truck dumper coming directly from the excavation site. More specifically, the real challenge was to install a measurement solution that functions reliably in high dust operations without compromising on accuracy. The result is a solution that keeps wear on underground transport belts low while avoiding over/underfilling of the dumper.

Train Indexer Position Automation

indurad has successfully installed this robust positioning solution on three train car dumpers with train indexers for one of the biggest Australian mining companies in Western Australia. The task here was to optimize automation of the train indexer which moves the rail cars into the unloading zone two at a time while making sure they are in the right position inside the rotating cell. For this, the train indexer arm must be able to automatically engage safely. The side challenge was to continue functioning in high dust levels and in difficult environmental conditions without compromising on accuracy. The result is a solution that promises to be the new standard in indexer positioning technology.

Reclaimer Process Uptime Optimization

The goal of this project was to improve material throughput of the reclaimers at the iron ore stockpiles. More specifically, the goal was to determine the best point of reverse while in slewing/reclaiming mode for the remote machine operators. Typically, the machine would move too far across the end of the pile, thereby losing precious process time. The indurad solution layout with two iDRR™ sensors on both sides of the reclaiming wheel now detects the end of the pile and automatically determines the perfect point of return for the machine boom. This has improved the overall productivity by 8-10.2 % per machine while one operator can now operate several machines simultaneously in semi automation mode.

„The indurad solution increased the productivity, reliability and safety …“

„It (the solution) is allowing us to see whether our other measurements for pulp production are accurate.“

„… out of almost 15k tonnes, the error was about 1/4 of a percent.“

„It was a pleasure working with you guys.“