3D inventory control, collision avoidance and positioning solution for stackers

For stackers of all types, sizes and brands: iStacker combines inventory control, long travel positioning, machine motion monitoring and collision avoidance in one solution. In addition to that, diverse standard and custom stacking modes can be fully automated.

Solution Packages

iStacker PackageDump Height

Radar sensors mounted right and left of the boom tip constantly measure the distance between boom tip and stockpile surface. The distance between machine boom and stockpile can then be safely controlled according to current process requirements, even under the highest dust levels or poor visibility.

iStacker PackageBelt Volume

Based on our original iBelt solution, iStacker Belt Volume provides information on belt volume flow, belt speed and belt misalignment. It can be applied to make the stockpile shape more regular and to avoid moon surfaces. The sensors can be installed anywhere on any conveyor belt.

iStacker PackageLong Travel Positioning & Velocity

Long Travel positioning and speed measurement solution for stackers that can be achieved with GNSS/iSMU, iLDR or iRTT technology according to local conditions and customer requirements.

iStacker PackageSlew/Luff Positioning

This solution package provides highly reliable slew and luff angle measurement, based on machine geometry and high precision D-GPS technology with RTK. Does not require recalibration or rest points, measurement results not compromised by slippage.
Can be extended with long travel positioning and collision avoidance features.

iStacker PackageAutonomous Stacking

Fully automated stacking including all machine controls on newly built and retrofit machines. Windrow, chevron, coneshell and other stacking methods can be initiated at the click of a button based on robust radar measurement.

iStacker PackageCollision Avoidance

indurad has several technologies for collision avoidance between machines and with stockpiles. Depending on the expected collision scenarios, we help you to select from passive radar technology (iSDR), active transponder technology (iRTT) or a geometry based approach (iSMU).

How does it work?

Solution Layout: Several indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensors are installed at the tip of the stacker boom. Their primary function is to measure the surface of the stockpile, which povides the data for a highly precise volumetric measurement and the 3D model of the stacked material.

The position of the stacker along the rails is permanently monitored by the indurad LinearDynamicRadar (iLDR™), which may be combined with luff/slew encoders or RTK L1L2 D-GPS measurement devices. The indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) handles all sensors and processes the incoming raw radar data.