Width, length, height, thickness, position and cumber measurement solution for slabs, plates and blooms

iSlabsense™ measures the basic dimensions of steel slabs, plates and blooms. It is based on the highly robust and precise indurad iLDR™ (indurad LinearDynamicRadar) sensor technology and adequate heat protection.

Solution Packages

iSlabsense PackageWidth & Length Measurement

iLDR based slab, coil, bloom or similar steel object width and length measurement in hot and cold mills.

iSlabsense PackageThickness Measurement

iLDR based slab, coil, bloom or similar steel object thickness measurement in hot and cold mills.

iSlabsense PackageCumber Measurement

iLDR based measurement solution to measure cumber or other deformations on slabs, coils, blooms or similar steel objects.

iSlabsense PackagePosition Tracking

iLDR based position tracking for slabs, coils and blooms to automate cutting process with plasma cutters.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: iSlabsense™ usually consists of one or two iLDR™ (indurad LinearDynamicRadar) radar sensor installed directly adjacent to the transporting conveyor rolls in hot and cold rolling mills. The sensors are synchronized and provide highly precise measurements even in thick fumes or high temperatures.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies cannot be used near or inside conveyor rollers due to the extreme temperatures and process fumes and smoke that prevent precise measurements. Beside this,

  • Laser sensors tend to fail in thick smoke and extreme temperatures
  • Ultrasonic sensors, by default, have a long measurement latency and are also heavily affected by temperature, smoke and other particles in the air
  • Other technologies are not as free from maintenance requirements as robust radar technology, which is a prerequisite for use in difficult environments where frequent access to hardware may be problematic

Overcoming Limitations: indurad iSlabsense™ is the only solution that combines low latency and stable results in one single maintenance-free sensor architecture:

  • Completely adaptable to any environment, temperature conditions and customer requirements
  • Plug&Play sensor solution: In case of mechanical damage, simply replace sensor to continue measurement with same quality
  • Collect process information hitherto unavailable for process control, maintenance and management