3D silo volumetric & level measurements for delicate processes

iSilo™ is perfectly suited for monitoring small to average-sized silos. Based on the award-winning indurad iDRR™ sensor technology, iSilo™ provides real-time information on filling height, 2D/3D illustrations of the silo contents and the complete production history on a reliable basis.

Solution Packages

iSilo PackageVolume Control

iSilo Volume Control provides 3D volumetric measurements in high dust levels and other difficult conditions in silos or similar structures. iSilo Volume Control can de delivered with IP67 housing or special housings (ATEX Zone 21/22, M1 M2). iSilo measures the entire 2D (optionally 3D) surface of any material type in real time instead of single points for simple level measurements.

iSilo PackageFeeder Automation

iSilo Feeder Automation is a subfunction of iSilo Volume Control: As the system measures the volume precisely by scanning the entire bulk solid surface, information about material flow into feeders and material bed thickness can be made available to the customer's PLCs in real time. This allows for optimizing the drawing process and all related downstream processes.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: One indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensor is installed underneath the silo roof. The sensor is connected to the indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™), which is installed nearby and calculates the volumetric information and 3D images of the silo contents.

To reduce cabling and installation requirements, iSilo is also available with the iDRRembedded™ unit, which contains sensor and processing unit in one robust casing.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies to measure the contents of silos all come with a number of limitations and generally work below the iDRR™ measurement rate of 15 scans/second.

1D Level Gauge Radars:

  • Are restricted to single-point probes
  • Automatically assume the surface to be flat
  • Are difficult to adjust mechanically on the roof

Ultrasonic measurement devices:

  • Are easily distorted by machine drive noises
  • Have problems with dust clouds, changing temperatures or pressure

Overcoming Limitations: iSilo™ pushes the limits for level gauge measurement with regard to information, performance, reliability and accuracy:

  • iSilo™ analyzes the current operational status and automatically controls optimum set points
  • Provides information about residual material baked to walls to prevent bridges, rat holes and sudden material collapse
  • Usable in complex metallic environments with cell-based filters for structural steel beams
  • IECEx / ATEX approval for Zone 21, 22 dust ex as well as M2 in UG Coal Mining
  • High/low temperature proof for monitoring dangerous materials such as clinker