Roadheader remote operation solution

iRoadheader™ is a remote control solution for roadheaders that allows the complete removal of machine operators from the machine’s immediate working environment during the coal cutting process. Based on robust indurad radar sensors, the roadheader can be safely operated from a distance of several hundred meters. Local workers and maintenance staff are no longer exposed to gas outburst or similar working hazards directly at the face of the tunnel or excavation.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: iRoadheader™ is a unique combination of standard indurad radar sensors. The main measurements are high resolution 3D face scans with iDRR™ (indurad DualRangeRadar) sensors updated during the entire cutting process. indurad iSWR (indurad SwitchedReflectorRadar) sensors register all machine movements and visualize both face and machine with cutting arm on a control monitor for remote or even semi-automated coal cutting. A by-product consists in the complete registration of all relevant machine data (drives, motors and encoders). The installation of iRoadheader™ on roadheaders has allowed mining companies to reduce staff in dangerous environments while keeping up or even boosting roadheader performance.

What are the benefits?

iRoadheader™ is a fully reliable remote control solution for heavy underground machinery like roadheaders.

  • Operate all hard coal mining processes with roadheaders or similar from a safe distance of several hundred meters
  • Boost workers’ morale by significantly improving health and safety issues in day-to-day situations
  • Enable mining in dangerous areas
  • Operate the roadheader remotely without additional maintenance or cleaning requirements

Remote Cutting Advantages

  • Operator Workplace Ergonomics
    Low Dust, Low Noise, Low Vibration
  • Operator Machine Safety
    No Squeezing Danger
    No Rockfall Danger
  • Operator Outburst Safety
    Not in hazardous zone near face
    Safe Distance of >250 m

Technological Advantages

  • Heavy Duty Radar Sensors
    100% Robust Radar Technology
    No sensitive Surveying Lasers

  • Realtime Online Measurement
    Reliable Online Machine Location
    Light machines with Chain Slippage

  • Flexible Copper/Fibre Optic Data Link
    Copper – DSL >3.000 m
    Fibre – high bandwidth >10.000 m
    Power LAN Machine2Cab

Positioning Advantages

  • Profile Accuracy
    Low Undercut, Low Overcut
    High Productivity and Low Cycle Times

  • Better View in 3D
    Various 2D and 3D Views
    No Dust, Daylight

  • Transparency
    Full Cut Documentation and Best Practice enforcement