More safety plus 10% more productivity and full 3D scan in a single system

Reclaimer Solution

iReclaimer assists operators on the machine with complementary sensory data. The Cutting Assistance features support operators in day-to-day reclaiming processes and are the basis for a full automation of the machine. For machine remote control the radar sensors are the trustable 24/7-all-condition-eyes. indurad has already commissioned several fully automatic stockpile management and machine solutions in Brazil and in the Middle East.

What are the benefits?

  • Proven technology used by most of the world’s largest mining companies and all four largest iron ore mining companies
  • In average 10 % more productivity per machine
  • Turnkey solution approach – from simple collision avoidance to full autonomous stockpile
  • 24/7/365 support

Solution Packages

iReclaimer PackageCutting Depth

Basic iReclaimer control function to monitor the depth of bucket cuts into the stockpile. Based on the iDRR measurement on both sides of the reclaiming wheel, the cutting depth is monitored and can be used for optimizing reclaimer stepping distances to increase performance.

iReclaimer PackageBench Edge Height

iReclaimer solution function to permanently measure the upper edge of the bench. This feature allows for adjusting bench height steps and slew turn around points based on real measurements. This feature allows for significant improvements on the reclaiming performance by reducing 'air-digging' time.

iReclaimer PackagePredictive Volume

This feature enables adaptive slew speed control of the reclaimer to prevent machine overtorques in irregularly shaped stockpile benches or in the case of slumps on the bench face. Slew Speed can also be increased when less material is present (e.g. on outer end of pile). This functionality significantly reduces machine downtime and increases overall productivity.

iReclaimer PackagePile Face-Up Points

iReclaimer process control variable that determines the optimum face up point for the start of reclaiming with the bucket wheel. This reduces face-up times, increases production during face-up and prevents over-torque.

iReclaimer PackagePile Angle of Repose

iDRR based measurement of angle of repose detects anomalies in the stockpile to prevent stockpile avalanches or minimize damage caused by avalanches.

iReclaimer PackageBelt Volume

Based on our original iBelt solution, iReclaimer Belt Volume provides information on belt volume flow, belt speed and belt misalignment right after the bucket wheel. This data is used in a direct feedback loop to the machine PLC.

iReclaimer PackageLong Travel Positioning & Velocity

Long Travel positioning and speed measurement solution for reclaimers that can be achieved with GNSS/iSMU, iLDR or iRTT technology according to local conditions and customer requirements.

iReclaimer PackageSlew/Luff Positioning

This solution package provides highly reliable slew and luff angle measurement, based on machine geometry and high precision D-GPS technology with RTK. Does not require recalibration or rest points, measurement results not compromised by slippage.
Can be extended with long travel positioning and collision avoidance features.

iReclaimer PackageCollision Avoidance

indurad has several technologies for collision avoidance between machines and with stockpiles. Depending on the expected collision scenarios, we help you to select from passive radar technology (iSDR), active transponder technology (iRTT) or a geometry based approach (iSMU).

iReclaimer PackageRemote Control

indurad sensors in combination with a remote control station enable remote control of the reclaimer and the entire yard without local presence of operators.

iReclaimer PackageAutomation

From the reception of an ERP/MES request to the dispatching of the requested material onto a conveyor belt, indurad covers all these steps in a turn key solution for full stockpile and stacker/reclaimer automation.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: The required number of indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensors is installed left and right of the bucket wheel. The iDRR™ sensors measure the surface of the pile. Furthermore, the position of the machine on the rails is determined with the indurad LinearDynamicRadar (iLDR™).

GPS can be used as an alternative or for further redundancy. If the devices are not installed already, they can be retrofitted by indurad. The indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) handles all sensors and processes all incoming raw radar data.