Intelligent and adaptable cell-based high-range collision avoidance solution

iProximity™ is a comprehensive collision avoidance solution that can be customized to various machines and environments. Collision avoidance is a standard feature in our solution packages for stackers, reclaimers and similar mining machinery. Please click on the respective link below for more detailed information.


iStacker is a combination of highly customizable process control functions to boost stacker performance: 2D Radar dump height control to avoid dust, long travel positioning, long travel velocity control, slew and luff collision avoidance and material conveyor belt in-flow control.


iReclaimer is a combination of highly customizable process control functions to boost reclaimer performance: cutting span depth measurement, bench edge height estimation, predictive volume estimation, pile boundary estimation, pile face up points, pile ridge contour visualization, pile slice contour and pile angle of repose measurement.


iShiploader is a comprehensive package of collision prevention functions combined with hatch detection, load measurement and other automation steps up to full shiploader automation.


iPosition is a high-resolution long travel and x,y,z positioning solution for any type of machinery in mining, steel production, coke plants, agricultural production, etc.


iDrillrig stands for advanced worker's safety through high-resolution and real-time worker-to-drillrig arm positioning information based on indurad transponder technology.


iLoader is a combined underground positioning, navigation, mapping and safety solution for LHD.


iShovel is a combined positioning, navigation, anti-collision, mapping and safety solution for shovels based on robust indurad radar hardware and software.

For machines and collision avoidance scenarios not listed above, please contact us directly with details and descriptions about your specific project. Besides our standard collision avoidance portfolio, we have realized the following special collision avoidance projects in the past:

  • On shearer loaders to prevent collision with upper canopy
  • On trains to prevent collisions with objects on rails (trains, scrap yards)
  • On overhead cranes to prevent collisions with infrastructure and machinery (truck workshops)
  • On harbor cranes and floating cranes
  • On container handling equipment (intermodal railyard – CRMGs, RMGs, forklift trucks, reachstackers and empty container handlers)

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: The iProximity™ solution is commonly installed on shiploaders, cranes, stackers, reclaimers and many other types of movable or rotating mining machinery and vehicles. It can be customized to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Boom luff protection
  • Boom slewing protection
  • Counterweight protection
  • Linear travel protection for moving and static objects
  • Chute to hatch protection
  • Vehicle collision avoidance
  • Crane collision avoidance
  • Electronic fence