2D level and freeboard measurement solution for ladles, tundish, steel molds etc

iMeltsense™ is the world’s first level and freeboard measurement solution for ladles, tundish and other difficult to access process points in steel mills. Based on the highly robust and precise indurad iLDR™ (indurad LinearDynamicRadar) sensor technology and adequate heat protection, iMeltsense™ provides precise level and freeboard measurements.

Solution Packages

iMeltsense PackageSlag & Molten Metal Level

iLDR high precision sensors are the basis for this level measurement solution that can be installed in Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs) to measure for ladle level and freeboard, tundish level, and other measurements in similar environments.. The compact nature of the iLDR sensor makes it possible to use light or heavy heat protection to facilitate the installation in virtually any corner of the installation environment.

iMeltsense PackageTorpedo Level Measurement

A special heat protection housing and steel mirrors make it possible to install level measurement iLDR sensors for real-time level measurements inside the torpedo car.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: iMeltsense™ usually consists of one iLDR™ (indurad LinearDynamicRadar) radar sensor installed directly above the ladle, tundish or elsewhere. The molten material surface during the tapping and the slack crust or graphite layer after tapping and in tundish measurement allow for precisely monitoring the development of the material level in any vessel. A clear line of sight from sensor to surface is required.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies cannot be used near or inside BOFs or for tundish measurement due to the extreme temperatures and process fumes and smoke that prevent precise measurements. Beside this,

  • Laser sensors tend to fail in thick smoke and extreme temperatures
  • Ultrasonic sensors, by default, have a long measurement latency and are also heavily affected by temperature, smoke and other particles in the air
  • Other technologies are not as free from maintenance requirements as robust radar technology, which is a prerequisite for use in difficult environments where frequent access to hardware may be problematic

Overcoming Limitations: iMeltsense™ is the only solution that combines low latency and stable results in one single maintenance-free sensor architecture:

  • Measures the filling level from a safe distance with mm to cm precision depending on environment
  • Completely adaptable to any environment, temperature conditions and customer requirements
  • Plug&Play sensor solution: In case of mechanical damage, simply replace sensor to continue measurement with same quality
  • Collect process information hitherto unavailable for process control, maintenance and management