3D volumetric inventory control for domes, bunkers & large clinker silos

iDome™ is a solution for bulk material storage facilities such as domes or very large silos to create real-time volumetric content information and 3D images of any stockpile. The core advantage is to fully replace cost intensive and time consuming manual stockpile surveying for inventory control.

Solution Packages

iDomeVolume Control

iDome Volume Control provides 3D volumetric measurements in high dust levels and other difficult conditions in domes or similar structures. iDome Volume Control can de delivered with IP67, Nema 4X, ATEX Zone 21/22, M1 M2 housing as well as with special high temperature proof casings.

iDomeFeeder Automation

iDome Feeder Automation is a subfunction of iDome Volume Control: As the system measures the volume by scanning the entire bulk solid surface, information about material flow into feeders and material bed thickness can be fed to the customer's PLCs in real time. This allows for optimizing the drawing process and all related downstream processes.

iDomeCollision Avoidance

iDome Collision Avoidance is based on indurad RadioTransponderTag technology. iRTT is a transponder-based solution to track the movements of dozers inside domes. iRTT warns dozer drivers when entering dangerous areas such as drawpoints and material discharge sections.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: indurad 3D sensor(s) are installed underneath the dome roof or on other suitable infrastructure inside the dome. The indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) collects all incoming raw radar data from the sensors to create the 2D heightmap and 3D model in iWEB™ as well as the PLC telegram.

If rotary stackers are used in the dome, the iStacker™ solution is required as it integrates sensor position changes coming from an absolute rotary encoder.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies to measure the contents of domes all come with a large number of disadvantages and limitations:


1D Radar Solutions

  • Are restricted to single-point probes
  • Suffer from high latency and low update rates

Ultrasonic measurement devices

  • Are easily distorted by machine drive noises
  • Have problems with dust clouds, changing temperatures or pressure

2D/3D Laser-based solutions

  • Do not work in dusty environments due to scattering of laser light
  • Have many moving parts and tend to break in high-vibration environments

Other technologies like manual surveying or mathematical models are very limited as well.

Overcoming Limitations: iDome™ pushes the limits for performance, reliability and accuracy:

  • Provides fully reliable 3D visualization and volumetric measurements
  • Provides information on material bed thickness, material distribution, bridge building over feeders
  • Works under pressure and temperature changes
  • Works in strong metallic environments with cell-based filters for structural steel beams
  • Works in snow, dust, rain and fog where optical and acoustic sensors fail
  • No regular maintenance required