Level control and de-blockage solution for all types of crushers

iCrusher™ is the truly reliable blockage detection and filling level control solution for any type of industrial crusher. The high reliability and availability of the underlying indurad sensor technology make iCrusher™ the perfect base for improving the entire crushing process. This technology has been proven to boost the performance of any brand and model of crusher.

Solution Packages

iCrusher PackageBlockage Control

iCrusher Blockage Control allows for detecting large rocks, material congestion or ore bridges in the upper crusher pit in real-time. Typically, an array of two or three iDRR (indurad DualRangeRadar) sensors is installed for this function.

iCrusher PackageLevel Control

iCrusher Level Control is a filling height measurement solution for crushers and crusher hoppers that works even in high dust levels. These real-time full 3D measurements can be used to control traffic lights to optimize truck dumping and as an input for truck dispatch systems. Past projects have proven to accelerate the dumping process by up to 20% per day. The same sensor system can be installed in the interior crusher chambers to avoid over- and underfilling.

iCrusher PackageOversize Detection

With iCrusher Oversize Detection sensors large lumps or oversized material can be detected on the material surface in time to initiate corrective action. This function significantly extends the lifetime of any type of crusher.

iCrusher PackageOrepass Monitoring

Orepasses are vertical openings in underground mines to transfer material from one level to the one below. With iCrusher Orepass 1D sensors, even the narrowest orepasses can be controlled for current material height to ensure a safe operation.
With iCrusher Orepass 3D sensors the geometric shape of the orepass can be measured and changes can be identified.

iCrusher PackageRock Hammer Automation

Once blockages, material bridges or oversize rocks are detected and located inside the crusher pit, the operator moves the rock hammer to destroy the blocking object.
A combination of indurad iDRR and iRTT technology allows for a full automation of the rock hammer without human remote interaction.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: iCrusher™ is a combination of several indurad iDRR™ (indurad DualRangeRadar) sensors, usually installed above the crusher, hopper or inside one of the interior chambers. These sensors detect larger rocks, measure the material level or – if required – the volume of the material in the hopper or one of the interior chambers.
In combination with indurad iRTT™ (indurad RadioTransponderTag) technology, the rock hammer can be fully automated. iCrusher™ works worry-free and reliably even in difficult installation environments or in high dust or dirt particle concentrations.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies lack the ability to reliably measure the material level in crushers or to detect blocking rocks precisely – which is the required basis for any automation or process improvement. Beside this,

  • Laser sensors tend to fail in thick dust which occurs in highly dynamic environments such as crushers
  • Level gauge radar sensors tend to provide insufficient data (1D, spillage, multipath reflections, slow measurement rate) that does not really improve the process
  • Many other sensor types and technologies cannot be installed on crushers due to limited installation space

Overcoming Limitations: The iCrusher solution overcomes several challenges: harsh environmental and process related conditions (e.g. rock spillage, heavy vibration, thick dust etc) plus varying measurement requirements (1D, 2D, 3D, high and low refresh rates, exact hammer positioning). iCrusher thus offers our customers a unique package of functions for crushers (primary and secondary).

  • Optimizing the dispatch of haulage trucks to the crusher and for the fleet control system
  • Reduced wear of crushers due to process optimization and intelligent set points
  • General digitalization of the crusher process and crusher components (requires input from PLC / crusher sensors)
  • Optimization and automation of manual processes (Rockhammer)