Hardware Customization

We love to invent and innovate for you. As the developer and manufacturer of all radar sensors and transponder systems in our portfolio, indurad customizes its hardware according to your specific needs. For usage in extreme heat (>1000 °C), in extreme cold (-50°C), for ultra high update rates (>4000 Hz) or ultra precision (< 0,1mm).

Software Customization

Unlocking the full potential of radar measurements depends greatly on the smart use of the raw sensor data. With our own Linux-based software we are able to process complex data and develop the tools our customers need in their everyday working processes.
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Turnkey Solutions

indurad knows the Alpha and the Omega of automation solutions and offers every integration level of automation technology – from simple delivery of hardware and software to fully integrated turn-key solutions that end with the final dot in the PLC telegramme.

Mechanical Integration

Electrical Integration

Full Integration

We offer mechanical and electrical integration as standalone packages or full integration as a comprehensive service offer with all steps included.