We serve customers from the arctic circle to the hot Pilbara region and in the high plains of the Atacama desert.


iDrillrig stands for advanced worker's safety through high-resolution and real-time worker-to-drillrig arm positioning information based on indurad transponder technology.


iRoadheader is an underground remote control and positioning solution for roadheaders.


iLoader is a combined underground positioning, navigation, mapping and safety solution for LHD.


iProximity is a highly customizable set of anti-collision and safety functions based on robust indurad radar hardware and software.


The iCrusher solution combines 2D crusher level measurement (in any part or chamber of the crusher), rock hammer automation and anti-blockage functions.


Monitoring technology for conveyor belts: Volumetric load measurement, belt speed measurement, belt misalignment control.


iApron is a solution for monitoring 2D filling height, volume and other highly dynamic process parameters in apron feeders, surge bins and comparable vessels and structures.


iPosition is a high-resolution long travel and x,y,z positioning solution for any type of machinery in mining, steel production, coke plants, agricultural production, etc.