The indurad solution portfolio for steel and metallurgy provides precise measurements and process data under the most extreme conditions. iSlabsense focuses on measuring the width, thickness, length and cumber of plates, slabs and beams, iMeltsense offers tundish level and related measurements for molten materials.


Monitoring technology for conveyor belts: Volumetric load measurement, belt speed measurement, belt misalignment control.


iStockpile is a volumetric measurement solution for advanced inventory control: Available as iStockpile3D (full and high accuracy 3D volumetric measurements and visualizations for point of sale stockpiles) and iStockpileStatus (approximate inventory control information based on a reduced sensor layout for in-plant processes; standing replacement for regular laser surveying).


iSilo is a level measurement solution for silos with high dust concentrations, high temperatures and other difficult conditions where laser, ultrasonic and comparable technologies fail.


iPosition is a high-resolution long travel and x,y,z positioning solution for any type of machinery in mining, steel production, coke plants, agricultural production, etc.


iProximity is a highly customizable set of anti-collision and safety functions based on robust indurad radar hardware and software.