Whether you load or unload vessels, our intelligent sensor systems unlock the full potential of your operation. Remote control and automation improve safety and turnover rate.


iShiploader is a comprehensive package of collision prevention functions combined with hatch detection, load measurement and other automation steps up to full shiploader automation.

Docking Assistance

iShiploader Docking Assistance allows for quick and safe docking procedures for vessels of any size and under all environmental conditions. The unique sensor installation, developed for Docking Assistance projects in Australia, detects the distance between ship and berth at any water level and irrespective of strong rain, fog, poor visibility, snow etc. Docking Assistance is based on 3D sensors, giving us a competitive edge over less reliable 1D competitor products for the same application.

Transportable Moisture Limit (TML)

Solution feature to measure the angle of repose and density of the material flowing into the ship. Detected changes in these material properties trigger an alarm. This helps prevent problems arising from liquified bulk cargo.


iCardumper offers indexer gap detection, indexer long travel positioning, waggon classification, car dumper apron feeder control, residual detection in waggons and volume flow measurement on outgoing conveyor belts.


Monitoring technology for conveyor belts: Volumetric load measurement, belt speed measurement, belt misalignment control.


iStockpile is a volumetric measurement solution for advanced inventory control: Available as iStockpile3D (full and high accuracy 3D volumetric measurements and visualizations for point of sale stockpiles) and iStockpileStatus (approximate inventory control information based on a reduced sensor layout for in-plant processes; standing replacement for regular laser surveying).


iReclaimer is a combination of highly customizable process control functions to boost reclaimer performance: cutting span depth measurement, bench edge height estimation, predictive volume estimation, pile boundary estimation, pile face up points, pile ridge contour visualization, pile slice contour and pile angle of repose measurement.


iStacker is a combination of highly customizable process control functions to boost stacker performance: 2D Radar dump height control to avoid dust, long travel positioning, long travel velocity control, slew and luff collision avoidance and material conveyor belt in-flow control.