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iSilo 3D Measurement

Your one-stop-shop for silo inventory

Stop being disconnected from your inventory

1. Accurate 3D bulk material inventory in real-time

Eliminate delayed or inaccurate inventory informations and make better informed decisions.

2. Buffer zone warning & feeder control

At all times, your PLC and SCADA system has correct detailed inventory information, incl. warnings and alarms.

3. Avoid discharge feed variation

Define individual material zones. Monitor your draw- and feed-points.

4. Material behavior monitoring

You will be surprised how your material behaves in the silo. See & automatically detect ratholes, dump cones, material caking on silo walls, …

5. Trusted Measurement, Reporting and Historical analysis

Play it safe: Receive reliable measurements directly from our tamper-proof solution sent to your business tools. These are generally accepted by auditors as the results are accurate and do not rely on any person taking the measurement.

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„Having a digital twin of our silo available in real time allows us to plan the production and shipping process much better. We see if the material starts to stick on the walls and can react. Covering purchases and emergency shutdowns are a thing of the past.
I can‘t tell you how much we save per month“

A.Rachid, Cement Company


iSilo 3D starts with robust radar sensors that scan the pile continuously and send the data over Ethernet to our powerful processing unit. The processing unit analyzes the data and sends all outputs directly to your PLC / SCADA systems over the interface of your choice. You can also use a web browser to access a user-friendly interface that provides a real-time, 3D visualization of the material as well as data storage and replay.

See For Yourself

3D Radar Sensor


The indurad Scanning Dynamic Radar - Premium (iSDR-P) is a 3D scanning radar with a field of view of 180˚x120˚ and a Millimeter resolution. The radar sensor covers the entire silo surface, both at low and high silo levels, at distances of up to 40 meters. The main housing parts are milled out of an aluminum block and are eloxated – no compromises are made on durability and longevity. The radar radome is milled out of a special teflon. The housing is IP66 rated / Nema 4x and corrosion resistant. Explosion proof ratings for Zone 20, 21, 22 according to IECEx / ATEX are available for selected sensor models.

The sensor runs on 12-36 volts and is connected via Ethernet to our processing unit (iRPU-F).

Radar Data Processing Unit


The indurad Radar Processing Unit – Field (iRPU-F) is a compact cabinet which receives data from iSDR sensors via Ethernet and processes all data locally. The cabinet houses a powerful microprocessor, power supply, heater and can be supplied with several interface options (Socket TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, OPC, Profibus DP, RS485, RS 422, RS 232, CAN, DeviceNet, Digital I/O, 4..20mA, etc.). Optionally, a Fiber Optic port and remote access via WiFi and/or 4G/5G modem is available. The cabinet is rated IP65 for outdoor use between -20˚C and +50˚C. Optionally available for higher and lower temperatures.

fewer malfunctions, less maintenance

indurad radar sensors outperform ultrasonic, lasers, 1D radar sensors, cameras and human eyes in harsh environmental conditions.
With inventions and innovations, we make a difference.

1D radar sensor often provide little data to deliver an appropriate picture of the stored materials. Besides this, they face issues with multipath propagation in narrow vessels and at steel support beams.

Laser-based solutions are known to deliver accurate results, but often suffer from malfunctions in dusty environments & are naturally maintenance-intensive.

Ultrasonic measurements are frequently distorted by bulk handling particles, drive noise, dust clouds & temperature or pressure fluctuations.

MADE for harsh conditions

It works. Whether hot or cold, snowy or dusty, explosive or corrosive.

indurad sensors have successfully been applied in silos & domes to handle common as well as special commodities.

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Proven in practice

A&U Wielsbeke
Biomass plant in Belgium.

Peace of Mind

Since we started using iSilo 3D, we no longer have to estimate how full our silos are. We can see it in 3D at any time. This gives us more planning security and peace of mind.

Cement plant

Clinker Silo Greece

At our client site at a cement plant in Greece, knowing the exact fill level 24/7 is key to enable the plant manager to take the right decisions. The clinker silo acts as storage and buffer area between kiln and mill.

Thus, knowing both free capacity and remaining stock is important for a smooth management of upstream and downstream production. With the indurad iSilo solution, the client has this information available at all times. In addition, current dead stock in the silo is finally visible and thus can be taken into account to calculate current available capacity and to take corrective measures like wall cleaning. The indurad radar solution manages to scan where other technologies fail: high temperatures beyond 100°C, dusty environment, and moisture from the material. The sensor requires no regular cleaning or recalibration.

Aluminum Plant

Inventory information & Safety

The customer is an aluminum plant in Iceland. The material (alumina) they receive to feed the operation must be dispatched well in advance as it is delivered by vessels from distant suppliers around the globe.

The alumina is received into a large silo from which material is drawn into the operation. To maximize production, the silo should be close to empty when a ship arrives so that the maximum sized shipment can be received without halting production. To achieve this, precise knowledge of the volume of material in the silos is critical to make the optimal dispatching decisions in a long lead-time environment.
The customer also faced operational challenges when unloading the vessel as there was no information that could be used to adjust the silo’s 17 filling points individually. The material loaded into the silo was sometimes very unevenly distributed. To correct uneven loading, the operators could only slow the loading process to allow the material to slide down to a more even distribution. When the operators were able to see this effect during ship unloading, they were able to adjust different groups of filling points to make the filling more even. This ultimately allowed the customer to reduce unplanned and costly berth times.

Lime Producer

Fast and easy installation

The compact iSilo solution, consisting of a single scanning radar (iSDR-P) and a combined processing and connectivity unit (iRPU-F) provides a complete surface model of the inventory.

Knowing the capacity and deriving the current fill level significantly improves loading and unloading and truck dispatch. The results are significantly reduced cue times and more customer deliveries per day. Especially one factor improves the overall dispatch process, as a loading truck does not have to wait any more until a unloading truck finished his work. So the system now allows simultaneous loading and discharging of the silo.

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