Customer Care

We are proud to say our solutions require little to no maintenance. Upon request, indurad offers 24/7/365 first and second level support for new, finished and for ongoing automation projects. Beside this we offer regular check-ups, routine audits of indurad measurement technology or other permanent services around our solutions.

Onsite Support & Global Partners

Onsite support for mechanical or electrical installation is available through skilled indurad staff from our headquarters in Germany and local subsidiaries. Beside this we have established strong ties with local representatives, integrators and engineers in every corner of the world. This brings you the best local service and reduces overhead and traveling costs.

Remote Support

The iRemote box is our secure access to your indurad hard- and software. It enables us to calibrate your sensors, update your software and check your installations. It also helps you with day-to-day issues in operation, if required. This kind of remote support saves time and money and it ensures a sharp installation and calibration process.


In our consulting services, we look beyond our own technology to offer professional feasibility studies, site audits, testing & trials, concepts for integration work & implementation support and further non-engineering services like regulation and control and stakeholder alignment.

Site Audit

indurad site audits better our understanding of the challenges our customers face in their processes. indurad has as strict audit policy to always suggest the best possible solution both in- and outside of indurad’s solution portfolio.

Trials & Pilots

In some cases, trials or pilot installations may be the best way to tackle new joint projects or to test new automation concepts.

Local Content

We routinely consider making locally available services and resources part of your solution – to cut costs, to integrate the local economy and to make the solution more sustainable by keeping supply and service ways short.