Belt conveyor systems are often critical bottlenecks in bulk material transportation, they are maintenance-prone and responsible for a large share in energy consumption. In order to achieve a most economic operation, measurement systems are applied that measure key performance indicators on belt conveyors to help clients optimize the overall equipment effectiveness. Nevertheless, there are often challenges in the generation of consistent and accurate data in harsh environments. indurad´s iBelt solution uses Radar technology to overcome those challenges. Measurements like material cross section, material speed, volume flow, material freeboard and belt alignment are available at high update rates. Even the material center of gravity and material peak on the belt can be determined. Clients success fully monitor volumetric changes in stockyard inventory, increase throughput on overland conveyors, or reduce downtime in milling circuits by implementing iBelt solutions. As it relies on contact free measurement, no regular maintenance or recalibration is required. The latest version, iBelt-SC (self-commissioning), can be fully commissioned in a browser-based installation wizard, without the need of remote or local support by indurad specialists.

The operation of belt conveyor systems in the bulk materials handling industry can cause significant challenges, such as limitation of production rate, reliability issues, safety risks like spillage and belt damage, or a high environmental impact.

Increasing the throughput on underutilized conveyors can be tough if setpoints are based on mass instead of volume flow. If the bulk density of the conveyed material fluctuates, setpoints based on mass readings (belt scale) must be set more conservatively to avoid spillage. Volume based setpoints allow a higher belt conveyor utilization.

Spillage of material due to overloaded or unequally loaded conveyors, or varying volumetric load, can be a risk for humans and machines. Material transfer points and loading and discharge points are particularly prone to spillage events. It can be a result of misaligned belts, that lead to increased wear or even belt damage. Both are critical for human safety and maintenance.

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indurad iBelt-SC hardware kit

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