11 juin 2021

Free Webinar: iSilo/iDome | 3D Inventory Control Solution

This webinar will provide you with an essential overview of how indurad’s next-generation radar measurement technology and adaptive software solutions will help debottleneck your buffer zone’s performance.

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17 mai 2021

Austmine 2021 Conference and Exhibition in Perth 25th – 27th May.

Austmine 2021 Conference and Exhibition is one of the first major face-to-face conferences in Australia in more than 12 months. The conference will bring the latest in mining innovation to industry in Perth from 25-27 May.

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22 avril 2021

iBelt: radar-based conveyor belt performance optimization

indurad’s iBelt solution for conveyor belt scanning uses radar technology to measure the volume flow of bulk material on conveyor belts and monitor the belt’s alignment. German-made sensor solutions provide real-time measurements, consistently delivering accurate data to operation systems, even under harsh conditions like high dust loads or in foggy environments.

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29 mars 2021

indurad iStockpile4D

indurad says it offers the world’s most reliable Stockpile Scanning solution based purely on 3D radar perception, eliminating historical reliance on optical instruments. The company’s solutions do not require mathematical modelling of stockpiles...

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21 janvier 2021

iTruck | Autonomous Haulage System

iTruck | Autonomous Haulage System: indurad revealed the world’s first AHS Truck without optical perception with its key innovation partner voestalpine in the Austrian mountains with great support by Bell Equipment Global from South Africa...

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Coronavirus Information

Please find the most recent edition of our CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION NOTE that covers employee, business and operational risks, targeted to give you guidance and orientation of our current operations.
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