Would you like to implement the latest automation solutions for your transport or process chain, but you have areas that are classified as hazardous according to explosion protection regulations?

As a specialist in automation solutions and high-precision sensors for heavy industry, indurad offers products for harsh and hazardous environments. Our applications range from zone 20 dust atmospheres (Group IIIC) and zone 2 gas atmospheres (Group IIA) to underground mining (methane & coal dust, Group I). Our robust sensor solutions reduce risk, improve yield, and increase automation in potentially explosive environments.

Our sensors are IECEx, ATEX and ANZEx certified. Additionally, we offer sensor solutions for CSA/UL and are in the certification process for EAC Ex. If you are unable to find your local certification, our team of engineers can provide expert technical support to assist you with your specific requirements. We work with various certification bodies worldwide to provide our customers with high quality sensors certified in accordance with their respective local regulations.

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1 July 2022

Free Webinar: Debottleneck Your Dry Bulk Terminal

In this free webinar, indurad experts will teach you how to increase the efficiency of your dry bulk handling process using indurad's radar-based machine vision solutions...

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4 May 2022

iLoadout contribution to TECK RACE21™ with +41% train loading speed & -50% underloading

indurad has contributed with our unique iLoadout Train Automation Solution to the Operational Operating Excellence of TECK Fording River Operations.
TECK has chosen indurad technology with...

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