indurad radar sensors in its iCrusher offering enable real- time measurement of the crusher or apron feeder levels in harsh environmental conditions, thereby allowing automatic feeder control.

On the interface between mine and mill are the primary crusher installations, which are typically the first bottleneck of large mining operations. The production of large crushers can be enhanced significantly by optimizing the feed rate control. Historically, this is achieved by manually controlling the feed to the crushers, either via controlling the dump traffic lights or the apron feeder speed.

indurad radar sensors in its iCrusher offering enable real-time measurement of the crusher or apron feeder levels, thereby allowing automatic feeder control. Fabian Riedel, VP Sales & Projects at indurad, confirms: “Current and previous indurad projects have proven to increase production by up to 20% sustainably over long periods. The indurad sensor systems can be installed above crusher chambers to avoid over- and under-filling.” Such installations have successfully been implemented in Chile, Australia and the US.

Most processes between primary crusher and mill are also constrained by volume flow (silos, draw points, transfer chutes, etc) and it is therefore paramount to measure actual bulk volumes within the process plant. Due to fluctuations in bulk density and material moisture, the measurements achieved by belt scales (mass) are only indicative of the volume and necessitate an over-design of bulk material handling equipment to avoid spillage and blockages. The indurad iBelt volumetric belt scale enables real-time volume flow measurement under harsh conditions and does not require frequent calibration as it is a contactless measurement method. It is therefore a dependable component in any large plant’s automation system. This has been shown in dozens of installations in bulk material handling operations worldwide.

Riedel states: “indurad thus offers a unique package of autonomous functions for increasing competitiveness according to specific customer needs. Automation solutions from indurad are often in the spotlight as the general and safety regulations become stricter for mining companies around the world.” indurad solutions, he says, not only improve productivity and operating costs, but overcome several challenges: harsh environmental and process-related conditions, heavy vibration, thick dust, varying measurement requirements like 1D, 2D, 3D, and high and low refresh rates.

indurad radar sensors in its iCrusher offering enable real- time measurement of the crusher or apron feeder levels, thereby allowing automatic feeder control

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